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049/366 • 天黑黑

048/366 • Rockstar

Attended Six Strangers • Six Stories about Social Media by GOODStuph as part of Social Media Week 2012 and guess who was part of the line up? Twitter “Rockstar” himself, Tommy Wee. Felt like a giggly schoolgirl all over again with @heysayfey

047/366 • 500THB Love

The Thai King blesses you.

046/366 • Bright Lights

Another wonderful sunny day~

045/366 • Lardy

We found this fella together with his six other feline friends at a block near Andy’s. Fat cat is so fat that when we attempted to pick him up, he meowed in discomfort and tried struggling but to no avail. He also has very bad body odor and a very dirty asshole because he is just too fat, and therefore unable to stretch and reach his behind to clean himself. I’ve very aptly named him Lardy.

044/366 • Typical

I’m a girl, so I’m entitled to (photo) cliches like this haha.

043/366 • Paradise Now

Beautiful Khai Island.

042/366 • Omnomnom

So good we had three. They don’t make noodles like that anywhere else.

041/366 • Up Up Here We Go

Just realized this camera is now 6 years old.

040/366 • Scarface

My new-found scarf obsession.